If We Were Having Coffee…

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Happy Tuesday! We are closing in to the first half of 2019 and before we know it Christmas would be upon us in no time! How did the first six months turn out for you? Grab a hot drink and let’s catch up.

Grab your favourite hot beverage

If we were having coffee…I’d share with you how growing up has changed my idea of a relaxing weekend. Checking out new restaurants, a lovely staycation, learning a new recipe and most importantly, a good workout combined with a swim in the city’s stifling humidity does wonder to my soul. How does growing up alter your view on what’s fun?

If we were having coffee…I’d share with you how addictive Netflix is! I rarely watch TV and ever since Justin downloaded his favourite drama on my phone (a blatant attempt to convert me to his favourite movie genre!) and with an enormous selection of binge-worthy series, I need to exercise portion control. Are you hooked on Netflix? What is your favourite series?

If we were having coffee…I’d share with you that I often enjoy being silly, even at my age. From breaking into a dance to having a go on a trampoline, who cares what others think as long as we recapture the childlikeness in us and have some fun along the way. How do you express yourself? Do you care what others think about your antics?

If we were having coffee…I’d share with you that I recently read about dreams and got drawn into moments of quiet introspection. Turns out we are often asked about our dreams as kids (what is your ambition?) but as we grow older, it becomes less significant and thus the distance between reality and dream gets bigger. Are you living your dream right now and if you’re not, what are your plans to get there?

If we were having coffee…I’d share with you my plans to learn a new language. I’m toying with something exotic like Hebrew or Italian. Though I’m trilingual but nothing is sexier than a dazzling polyglot aweing the audience in delight – whether at a soiree or making a new friend while travelling. If money and/or time isn’t an issue, what would you like to learn?

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