Top Five Travel Pet Peeves

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Busy day at London St Pancras International

1. Incessant selfies

From endangering their lives to daily food shots, social media ‘whores’ are some of the worst travellers. Because when we travel often enough, whether it’s for business or leisure, there is no need to play victim to our incessant ego by flooding our social media feed every hour or day. It’s one thing to share a spectacular shot of the Northern Lights but it’s another when the photos shared are mind-numbingly meaningless day-to-day account of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Including lame photo of flight departure too!

2. Rude tourists

Whether it’s language barrier or culturally insensitive tourists, some of them lack the emotional intelligence required to navigate the vastly distinctive continents around the world. I make it a point to learn the local language of the country I’m visiting, whether it’s Polish or Arabic. Not only does it help to break the ice, it also enhances my understanding of the local culture and idiosyncrasies that make travelling so fascinating.

3. First time or once-a-year tourists

In the era of social media,  this demographic usually live and breathe itineraries and typically have each day all planned out, to ensure that nothing is missed out. You will find them waiting in line for the supposedly ‘must-try-food’ or ‘best attraction’ often found in guidebooks. Personally, the best itinerary is having no itinerary because some of the most transformative experiences I have had were not planned. 

4. Bucket lists

Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower or The Pyramids, I find tourists who only travel to check off bucket list destinations absolutely annoying. FOMO (Fears of Missing Out) is well and alive particularly among millennial travellers. Fortunately, Justin and I are fans of lesser known destinations because let’s be honest, there is more authenticity in visiting these places. Of course, if you are a fine art lover, by all means swing by The Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC) but don’t do it for FOMO or because you had to, according to a travel brochure.

5. Unacceptable flight behaviours

Some of our all-too relatable flight grievances include reclining seats, crying babies and impatient travellers hogging the boarding gate, overhead compartments (with oversized luggages!) or plane aisle.  And travellers who are not ready for security check (how hard is it to understand no liquid onboard?) I think people who lack social graces should do the world a favour and stay at home. Because if they can be inconsiderate towards another fellow human being, I shudder to imagine what they would think of responsible or sustainable tourism. 

What are some of your travel pet peeves? Please leave a comment below.

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